Idaho PMP Gateway Integration Request Form


The Idaho Board of Pharmacy is initiating statewide Gateway integration. Providers and healthcare facilities that have already integrated Gateway into their workflow express satisfaction with the ease and convenience of being able to access the PDMP in this way. There will be no charge to providers or facilities to connect. Interfaces are already built for several hospital, pharmacy and clinic software programs. We look forward to working with you as Gateway integration rolls out across the state.

The prescription drug monitoring program is a statewide electronic database which collects designated data on controlled substances dispensed in the state of Idaho.

In an effort to assist prescribers and pharmacists with patient care related to controlled substance prescriptions and to combat prescription drug abuse, the Idaho Prescription Drug Monitoring Program was implemented in 1997 (under title 37, chapter 27, 37-2726 (2)). It is a tool provided to prescribers of controlled substances and to pharmacists who are considering dispensing controlled substance prescriptions to patients.

IDAPA states, “Specified data on controlled substances must be reported by the end of the next business day by all drug outlets that dispense controlled substances in or into Idaho and prescribers that dispense controlled substances to humans. Data on controlled substance prescription drug samples does not need to be reported.”

Integration Process:

  1. Follow the instructions and complete ALL of the following (NOTE: only authorized decision makers at the healthcare entity should fill out these forms):
    • Integration Request Form (located on the right of this page)
    • End User License Agreement (emailed to you within 24 hours)
    • PMP Gateway Licensee Questionnaire (emailed within 24 hours)
  2. Once completed, your forms will be sent to the Idaho Board of Pharmacy for review.
  3. If approved, the Idaho Board of Pharmacy will submit your request to Appriss Health to begin the integration.
  4. Appriss Health will contact you and/or your EHR/pharmacy management system vendor with next steps.

For more detailed information about this important initiative, please review the Idaho Gateway Integration Welcome Packet.