OpenBeds® for Health Plans

Be a Leader in Behavioral Health Care Coordination

OpenBeds is a comprehensive behavioral health capacity management and referral technology solution that helps
health plans
refer members to in-network, in-state providers for mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. 

OpenBeds can help your health plan:

  • Refer members to appropriate, cost-effective, and evidence-based treatment locations in-network with level of care decision support 

  • Know when members are referred to or discharged from treatment with real-time alerts so you can better track their movement and care 

  • Monitor treatment quality standards insights to ensure provider compliance and adherence to your health plan’s MCO quality requirements 

  • Easily report out on all of the above well before claims data is available in order to adhere to annual audits, reporting measures, and quality requirements 


8 states have already selected OpenBeds 
to establish a timely referral infrastructure for mental health and SUD treatment. Your health plan can support its members and network providers by providing a comprehensive solution that identifies, unifies, and tracks all behavioral health treatment and support resources in real-time.  

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