Knowledge for Good Webinar: A Centralized Solution for Managing Patients in Mental Health Crisis

Presented by Nishi Rawat, MD, SVP at Appriss Health & OpenBeds Founder

Crisis Management System


There's been a surge in psychiatric crises and substance use disorder with the COVID pandemic and worsening opioid epidemic. But the harsh reality is that many people in mental health crisis continue to be diverted unnecessarily to emergency rooms and even jails or left to manage on their own.

To help address state's needs in a more centralized way, Appriss Health has developed the OpenBeds Crisis Management System. It's designed to:

  • expedite access to assessment and treatment for those in crisis;
  • track their journey from call to treatment, and;
  • coordinate all stakeholders within a crisis management system.
Combined with our traditional OpenBeds behavioral health treatment referral solution and network, the Crisis Management System supports collaboration with Regional Rapid Response Teams, law enforcement organizations, local community organizations, faith-based organizations, and other behavioral health stakeholders in their efforts to ensure the integrated delivery of care.

Attend our session to hear why having a centralized crisis management system is important to states and how our system works.

Join us on April 28, 2021 at 3PM EST