Appriss Health Integration for Pharmacy Partners

Helping Your Pharmacists Gain One-Click Access to the State PDMP and Advanced Prescription Analytics Directly in Their Existing Workflow.

Via Appriss Health, your Pharmacy Management System vendor now has built-in access to the state PDMP and clinical decision support tools. Turning on the Appriss Health integration will: 

  • Support mandatory state compliance
  • Save approximately 4.2 minutes per patient encounter
  • Enable your pharmacists to make more informed dispensing decisions

Appriss Health is a secure and supported solution that connects over 25,000 pharmacies across the U.S. and assists users with 24/7/365 support. Your pharmacy team and patients can benefit for just $1.65 per day, per retail location.

Sign up today. With pre-built integration, it’s an easy process. And I am here to help

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Hello. As your assigned partner contact, I am here to help you get started. Reach me at

Begin the integration process today. 

The PDMP is operated by the state. Utilizing the integrated PDMP solution and NarxCare Advanced Analytics application is an estimated $1.65 per day, per location. But in your state, funding may be available. 

Please see the list below for funding status info, but this must be confirmed with the state. 

You can begin the integration process today. It's as easy as...

1. Fill out the integration request form here.    

2. Depending on the state, you will follow the state's automated process or I will contact you directly to assist. Look for an e-mail from me, your dedicated pharmacy liaison (