Texas Board of Pharmacy NarxCare Integration Request Form



Texas Board of Pharmacy Statewide Integration


The Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) collects prescription data on ALL Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances dispensed by a pharmacy in Texas or to a Texas resident from a pharmacy located in another state.

The Texas Prescription Program (TPP) was created by the 67th Texas Legislature in 1981 becoming effective January 1, 1982, to monitor Schedule II controlled substance prescriptions. Effective September 1, 2008, the Texas Legislature expanded the TPP to include the monitoring of Schedule III through V controlled substance prescriptions. Beginning September 1, 2016, the PMP transfers from the Texas Department of Public Safety to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Although controlled substances have valid medical uses, they also have potential for abuse and addiction. Diversion of prescription drugs is a significant abuse problem, and this program was created to be an efficient, cost effective tool for investing and preventing drug diversion. Federal controls monitor the substances from manufacture through distribution to retail facilities. The program seeks to educate and control misuse by following controlled substances to the ultimate user. The PMP may be used by practitioners and pharmacists to verify their own records and inquire about patients. In addition, the program may be used to generate and disseminate information regarding prescription trends.

Pharmacies that dispense Schedule II, III, IV, and V are required to report the information directly to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy’s contracted vendor, APPRISS. Prescription data is reported by the prescriber’s Federal DEA number. Prescribers and pharmacies are required by statute to have a current Federal DEA registration in order to possess, administer, prescribe or dispense controlled substances.




Integration Request Process

This is integration request  form is for healthcare organizations located in TX only. If you are located in another state, please follow instructions found here.

Only one integration request form is needed per healthcare organization and EHR vendor. Individual providers do not need to submit an integration request form; the integration request form is for the provider's healthcare organization as a whole. Please submit an integration request form for each EHR vendor your healthcare organization wishes to use.

  1. Please review the Texas Integration Welcome Packet.
  2. Complete all fields in the form below, review and click “Submit”.
  3. Following submission, you will receive a confirmation email and two emails from HelloSign containing an Appriss Health End License User Agreement (EULA) and a Gateway Licensee Questionnaire.
  4. Complete the two documents via HelloSign. Please note that both documents are required to proceed with integration.
  5. Upon receipt of the completed EULA and Gateway Licensee Questionnaire, Appriss Health submits your request to the state for approval. Upon approval, credentials will be sent per your EHR vendor’s on boarding process and a confirmation email will be sent to your healthcare organization’s primary point of contact.

You may only successfully submit an integration request form once every ten minutes. If you need to submit multiple integration request forms, please wait ten minutes in-between each submission. This precaution is to prevent duplicate submissions.