Webinar: Critical Resource Tracker

Learn how North Carolina improved their critical COVID-19 tracking solution - automating vital, real-time data across approximately 70% of their acute care hospitals.

Investing in technology that automates data on critical beds, equipment, and clinicians, to more rapidly and accurately report information across healthcare facilities is more important than ever.

Learn how North Carolina has improved their state’s emergency management infrastructure with the OpenBeds Critical Resource Tracker, automating vital, real-time data across a majority of their 120 acute care hospitals during the pandemic. 

  • Ways to improve transparency and coordination of available critical beds, key personnel, and vital equipment
  • Value of automated data for on-time, accurate reporting to HHS Protect
  • How to help hospitals comply with federal and state reporting requirements 
  • Outcomes related to eliminating interpretations and manual data entry (less human error)
  • Efficiencies gained with a real-time view of analytics and trends at a regional, state and hospital level

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